who is she?


who is she?

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"A Guide to Loving Yourself"


by Sarah Iqbal, ‘15 

I once ate a dozen cherries in two mouthfuls, six at a time

Sucking off the fleshy fruit and spitting out the pits

I accidentally swallowed one and was scared I’d die

But you told me that I’d just become a cherry tree

I asked you how I was supposed to love myself

And you told me to sit outside in the pouring rain with a glass and wait for it to fill

I cried when I drank it, and my tears mingled with the rainwater still falling from the sky

You taught me to savor the tactility of the physical world

And to allot time for tears both bitter and sweet

You told me to remember to wash behind my ears

And to trust that I can put myself together should someone decide to tap dance on my heart

When I asked you why you broke the vase Aunt Lucy gave you for your wedding

You told me that anger needed release

And that it was an ugly thing anyway

When your marriage cracked like that vase when it hit the old linoleum

You told me that you wished everything could be cured

By swallowing a glass of rainwater.

Sarah Iqbal is the Queens Teen Poet Laureate, and is one of The Phoenix and Townsend Harris’ most prolific writers, and award-winners. Her other writing, including “A Guide to Loving Yourself” can be found in our magazine, or on her website: 


pi day fun facts: i memorized 434 digits of pi in the sixth grade to beat a kid who claimed he knew 500 just bc he was an asshole

he knew six

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I hate it when netflix pauses and asks me if im still watching like yeah you actually think i got up and started doing something with my life bitch put my show back on

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You have this kind of pull, like gravity. I’m so lucky that I fell into your orbit.

You have this kind of pull, like gravity.
I’m so lucky that I fell into your orbit.

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